Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My husband and I are both excited about our baby that is due to come in September! We feel extremely blessed!
This picture was taken when I was 11 weeks along. Today we are now at 16 weeks along! When we where 14 along we got to hear the baby's heart beat! How beautiful and amazing it is to be able to hear our little one even before we meet him/her! We are excited that soon we get to see our little one through an ultra sound!

This picture was taken at about week 14! I have had an easy pregnancy so far! I haven't had any morning sickness, for which I'm very thankful. I have been feeling unusually tired all the time. But so long as I exercise I can usually wake myself up a bit. Other then that I've had pregnancy brain. And pregnancy brain is something I just enjoy laughing at myself! For I do or forget some of the funniest things! :-) For example the other day I walked to the mailbox to take out a letter. I grabbed my key, my dog, and my phone, but I forgot the letter. When I got to the mail box I stood there for a moment and realized I had to go back and get the letter! :-) Another funny one: One day I was doing the dishes. We have a garbage disposable in our sink so I was stuffing all the food down it. Then I stood there and I couldn't remember how to turn the garbage disposable on (usually they just have a switch like a light that you just turn on). So I stood there for awhile longer thinking 'how am I going to turn this on' all the while staring down into the sink as though I turned it on somewhere in the sink. Finally I remembered that I have to switch it on with a switch. So I started looking around for the switch and that is when it returned to me how to turn it on! :-) Anyway those are just some funny things that has happened to me so far while being pregnant! :-) Overall I LOVE being pregnant!! :-) It's just so wonderful to know that there is a little life within me that will soon be our little child running around playing! What a blessing little children are!


Trinity said...

I'm so excited for you Sar! I think you are going to make such a wonderful loving Mommy! I love you!

Trinity said...

I forgot to mention before how funny the stories of pregnancy brain are. :D I love that part about how it "returned to you"...when you were trying to remember how to turn on the disposal.

Anonymous said...

You are so beautiful with your precious baby-tummy!!! --Kay Dixon