About me!

I love the Lord with all my heart! He has blessed me with a wonderful husband and daughter! I love being a stay at home wife and mommy! I struggle on a daily bases just to keep up with things. (I'm sure all you other stay at home wives and mommies know what I'm talking about). 
I enjoy doing many things! I enjoy researching health, cloth diapers, cleaning tips, recipes,  and much more. I also enjoy hanging out and talking to my husband, playing with my little girl, sewing, reading, being outdoors, gardening, cleaning barns, raising animals, canning, baking, ect!
I also have learned that it isn't the big things that matter the most in life... it's those little things like: kissing your husband, hugging your baby, talking with a friend, watching your little one smile for the first time! Just saying don't miss out on the little things in life by getting wrapped up in the big things!
It you want to get to know me more just feel free to e-mail me! My e-mail is in the sidebar! I love to get to know new people! :-)