Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Blog about giveaways~

So those of you who enjoyed looking in on all the giveaways that I enter I now have a blog were I only blog about giveaways! So feel free to follow it!

Friday, August 20, 2010

~Day 14~

A vacation you would like to take:

I wouldn't mind going to Fiji Island one day! :-)

It just looks so tropical! :D

How we found out we were pregnant!

I was writing out this story to put in the baby book and I thought that others might like to read it too! :-) I think it's a fun story! :-)

Mama had a feeling she was pregnant, but wasn't sure. So she decided to wait till Monday to take a test. Monday morning before daddy went to work, mama went downstairs to take the test. She waited while the test took its time to work. Soon the little plus sign (showing it was positive) flashed in the little box! Mama looked at it a few times to make sure she was reading it right. Then squealed quietly. She then rushed up the stairs and seen daddy standing in the bathroom combing his hair. All this time mama was squeaking "We're pregnant, We're Pregnant!" When she got to the top of the stairs mama jumped up making her knees come to the top of her head. Daddy, not knowing what mama was squeaking about, just chuckled and continued combing his hair. He just thought mama was happy to see him. Thinking that wasn't the response she was looking for, mama asked daddy if he had heard her. He chuckled "no". Mama then repeated "we're pregnant!"

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

~Day 13~

A guilty pleasure~

So probably one of my favorite things to do is sleep in! :-) I love to sleep in till 10:00 or so! :-) So that's one of my guilty pleasures! ;-) Also I'm just over all really not a morning person! I would much rather clean and do things late at night then first thing in the morning. Maybe I need to train myself to be a morning person, but for now I am very much so a night owl and I enjoy it! ;-)
Who out there is night owls with me? :-)

~Day 12~

A song that was played at your wedding: :-)

Pachelbel's Canon in D

I love this song!! :-)

Thursday, August 12, 2010


So... I'm sure everyone that stops by my blog has noticed the 'hotbliggityblog' sign over my newest post... does anyone no how I can move it up or over or something so it's not an interference... I've noticed that most peoples blog has it in the corner... how can I get mine there?

~Day 11~/ and an update on the pregnancy!

A photo of you taken recently:
This is the most recent photo that's been taken of me! Certainly a big difference from the photo taken of me over ten years ago eh? ;-)

I thought I would update you all on the pregnancy since this is after all a photo of me pregnant! (Even tho this was taken a few weeks ago) We are now at 33 weeks!! And I am getting super excited to meet this little one! The first part of the pregnancy seamed to fly by... why is it that the last part is taking so long!? Don't get me wrong I am still throughly enjoying being pregnant! But to say the truth... well I am just a bit uncomfortable now. But I suppose that just means the baby is still growing healthily! And that is enough to make me super happy! :-) And I am without a doubt super happy! ;-) The baby gets lots of hick-ups now! Which is super cute! And rather fun to feel!
Well everyone thanks for reading! Leave a comment if you read this all! ;-) I so do love comments! :D Have a great night!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

~Day 10~

A photo of you taken over ten years ago~

This photo was probably taken way over ten years ago, but oh well! I remember this photo was taken just before we went to pick berries! :-) I even liked picking berries then! Probably a good thing it was taken before! If it would have been taken afterwards I probably would have been a muddy mess! ;-) It was pretty hard to keep me clean at that age! ;-)