Monday, November 29, 2010

Happenings! :-)

So as of late I am really wishing that I could post a ton of sweet smiling pictures of Susannah, but I'm afraid that our computer is being completely wacky and refusing to let me upload any pictures at all. So perhaps I will just share with you the happenings in the Skelton household!

Okay so first off I did it... I cut my hair. It is now shoulder length! Do I like it? Yes, and no. Yes, because it is new to me, it's SO much easier for me (a new mom) to take care of, and because Richard likes it too! ;-) No, because well the simple reason that I simply adore long hair! :-) This is the first time (that I remember that is) that I've ever had hair this short. I'll have to post pictures one day (if the computer ever allows ;-) ) 

We are ill... :( We seam to be having a cold right now that is simply staying forever. Ugh. But enough about that!

I SIMPLY COULDN'T ADORE BEING A MOMMY MORE! Susannah is such a blessing! And so much fun to play with, talk to, watch, hold, snuggle... ect! ;-) I simply love how much she smiles! It's one of the best things in the world to wake up to her cooing, go over to her little bed, say good morning to her, and then to see her smile at me as tho saying "I love you so much, mommy! I'm glad that you are about to pick me up!"  OOOhh I just want to go and pick her up and squish her right now thinking about it!! I love those sweet morning smiles! So you may already know, but I am not a morning person. So to see a sweet smile in the morning just makes my day all the more! :-) The first time Susie laughed Richard was holding her and we were both talking to her and making 'baby faces' at her! It just made us both so happy to hear the first laugh together! :D

So I'm pretty sure that we are going to start cloth diapering! I just couldn't be more excited about it! I can't wait to get started! For some reason I really want to start trying the Thirsties duo wrap or duo diaper! Has anyone tried them and liked them? I think we are going to buy a few after the first of the year! I'll try and blog about our experiences! 

Anyway, for now I best go shower... I still have spit up on my shirt and it's almost time for sweet Susie to eat again. :-) You know your a mommy when you don't mind wearing spit up for awhile! ;-) ha ha

Monday, November 1, 2010

Cloth diapering?

When I was pregnant with Susannah I thought a lot about maybe trying cloth diapers and now that she's here I'm really interested in trying them! Tho there are so many different kinds out there that I'm sort of at a lost to where to begin. I'm thinking that I only want to try one or two of a brand/type before I go and buy a bunch of the ones that I 'think' will work. I've been looking around and finding information on all the different types and how to use them, but some things I find confusing. Probably because I've only seen the white cloth diapers that I use for burp rags! ;-) I've found a sight online that has been helpful: So far I think that the all in one cloth diapers would be easiest! But then ha what do I know... I've never tried them! Anyone tried them and liked them? Which are your favorites?