Monday, March 21, 2011

Back again!

As of late it's been rather hard to get on here. I've been completely absorbed in my family! So that being said... here are some pictures! :-)

Susie is just as happy a little girl as she can be! :-) We are loving seeing her character come out more and more! She is a sweet, goofy, silly, fun little girl who is extremely loved by so many family members! ;-)

Can't help but LOVE that adorable smile! ;-)


She sometimes gets this little shy thing going on... I don't know where she got that from! ;-) heh heh

There's our little princess! All dress up in her simply lovely lavender dress!

Acting all shy again! ;-) Oooh don't you want to just SQUISH her!!!? ;-) Doing a cute little half smile at me while be held by Mr. Wonderful!

Gotta love a moby!!!! ;-)