Friday, August 20, 2010

How we found out we were pregnant!

I was writing out this story to put in the baby book and I thought that others might like to read it too! :-) I think it's a fun story! :-)

Mama had a feeling she was pregnant, but wasn't sure. So she decided to wait till Monday to take a test. Monday morning before daddy went to work, mama went downstairs to take the test. She waited while the test took its time to work. Soon the little plus sign (showing it was positive) flashed in the little box! Mama looked at it a few times to make sure she was reading it right. Then squealed quietly. She then rushed up the stairs and seen daddy standing in the bathroom combing his hair. All this time mama was squeaking "We're pregnant, We're Pregnant!" When she got to the top of the stairs mama jumped up making her knees come to the top of her head. Daddy, not knowing what mama was squeaking about, just chuckled and continued combing his hair. He just thought mama was happy to see him. Thinking that wasn't the response she was looking for, mama asked daddy if he had heard her. He chuckled "no". Mama then repeated "we're pregnant!"

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Bonnie @ HOUSE OF GRACE said...

What a great story!!! Have a great week!
Bonnie :)