Thursday, April 29, 2010

"A Mothers Dream"

"There is something inexpressibly sweet and sacred about the preparations that an expectant mother makes for a little one whose coming into this world is heralded with such loving anticipations. The dainty garments, fashioned with such care, the soft cradle, wherein the little one shall nestle, the room prepared for him or her- all are made ready with tender forethought. When all has been done that love can prompt, there is a soft, solemn hush of expectancy while one stands in the presence of these preparations for the coming little life. Who will disallow the love which has thus tenderly forestalled every need? The mother's love is born with this preparation for the little one."

I find myself thinking a lot about our dear baby to come! Wondering if we'll have a boy or a girl! Wondering what our life will be like with this little one to come. Wondering if I'll be a good mommy. Wondering if this baby will look more like Richard or me. Wondering what our life will be like in about 5 years.
~Oh the joys of expectant motherhood!!!!! :-)

Since I've been pregnant I've found I dream about the baby or rather... babies! ;-) I dreamed one night in much detail that we had triplet boys! All were healthy and exactly 5lbs each! :-) So I keep telling Richard that we are going to have triplet boys this time and next time we'll have triplet girls! :D Heh heh

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Trinity said...

You are going to be a wonderful Mommy, Sar! I pray for you every day and I just know that you and Richard are going to raise up little ones for our Lord! I love you and keep dreaming!