Saturday, July 16, 2011

Change is in the air!

Lately new and exciting things have been taking place! We have bought our own place! Which seamed to take FOREVER! Especially with the appraisal, closing date, signing papers, and all the rest of the rigamarole that you have to go through to get a house. Never new that there would be so much to buying a place. BUT now it is ours... well at least ours and the loan company's. (HA)

This place has everything we've always wanted! Even the little things that don't matter much, but that seam important to us!

1. It has lovely bay windows with lovely 'window seats'!!! Always wanted those!

2. It has a HUGE pantry!!! NOT kidding! It's about the size of a bedroom! : D Can't explain how much I've wanted one of those!! I'm a collector of buckets filled with food! And they aren't the best looking things... even with dollies and some sort of ornament on top! ; )

3. It also has a fireplace in the master bedroom!!! How fun is that!? Always thought that it would be fun to have breakfast in bed one Saturday morning with a blazing fire, in the heart of winter!

4. It has 5 bedrooms! All are huge! So until we have our 12 or more children (Lord willing ; ) ), we have room to have a sewing/office room and a guest bedroom/school room! Isn't that wonderful!!! Always wanted a sewing room! :-)

5. It has a built in china cabinet!! Now I can put all sorts of pretties in it! : ) *happy dance*

6. Not only does it have a built in china cabinet, but it has a built in desk as well! So for now I think I shall write letters at that desk! I dearly love to write letters to people!!

7. It also has a wood stove in 'one' of the living rooms! (Yes 'one' of the living rooms, which brings me to #8)

8. It has a Family room, living room, and a living/family room! : )

9. It has a huge master bedroom, with a little breakfast nook off of it, a huge closet, and a master bathroom!

10. It has a laundry room! Yes I get excited about that! When you live in a apartment without one you realize how wonderful it is to have one! You will no longer have to walk to go do your laundry!

11. And the biggest happiest plus of all!!! It has 4.52 acres! : D

I will try to post PICTURES soon! : D


A Restful Place said...

That sounds like a lovely home! I can't wait to see your pictures! Have fun!


Mama Chocolate said...

Wow! It sounds amazing!
When you get settled in, or need help unpacking, I wanna come over and see it! :-D