Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Some thoughts!

Today I was sitting here at the computer reading a few other blogs and suddenly I heard Susie just giggling away! What a happy thing it is to be the mama to a little girl who is just so happy she giggles at random times! I could not tell really what it was that was making her laugh but whatever it was it made her mama smile! And it not only put a smile on my face but it made me happy altogether!

Then it gets me to thinking about all the ladies out there that are stay at home wives and mamas! Sometimes I think that we feel as tho we are taken for granted or that people think that we don't do anything. Oh ladies! Don't feel that way, you are making a HUGE impact on your children and husbands lives! I hate to think about this thought but what if my little Susie was put into daycare. I would have missed that sweet little random laugh that made my day! Then I think would she even have been happy enough to laugh randomly like that? If I was working or going to school I would miss so many things! Like watching Susie wave for the first time, or crawl, or walk, or say mama, or......... Ooh it just brakes my heart to think of all those sweet babies out there that get put into a place where they don't know anyone. Where they are left in a swing or put in a crib or just put someplace. How they are missing the snuggles from their mama! The sweet kisses! And the thought that mama is just there to protect them as best she can! To pick them up if they bump their head! To rock them to sleep if they are tired! To just LOVE them! Oh what a horrible place a daycare is to me!

For all of you ladies out their who do stay at home. I applaud you! Just think of what you are doing for your husband! You can take care of his little ones! He knows they are safe with you and that they will be trained for the Lord! You can care of his home! Make him feel like a kind in his palace! That is my goal! I know that I fail often in getting this accomplished at times. Sometimes it is hard to get everything done in one day. I do as much as I am able to in the time that I have! And sometimes I just need to rock my baby or rest! To cherish the precious things that only happens once! Also you can know that he can come home after a hard days work and know that you are at home with dinner ready (or started or there is a hope for it soon ; ) ) and a fresh smile on your face that says 'I've been waiting for you ALL day'!

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Caitlin said...

I came across your blog on HSA, and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it! I look forward to the day that my own little one will be giggling and making me smile. Blessings!