Monday, September 13, 2010

Two weeks away tomorrow!

Just wanted to say that tomorrow will be two weeks away from our due date... I can't belive that any day we can be meeting our little baby! I just really can't wait to meet her! :-) I can't help but wonder what day she will be born on, how much she will weigh, how many inches she will be, what time she will be born at... and all those other things that are exciting to think about! As you can probably all tell I just can't stop thinking about our baby!! ;-)

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Amber said...

Congratulations on her arrival! I just thought I'd stop by to say I finally have a blogger profile--and have moved my blogs to blogger. So now I can comment more easily. Oh, and to celebrate the starting up of one of them I'm hosting a giveaway you might be interested in.

Here are my new addresses: