Thursday, September 9, 2010

Preparing for baby! :-)

We have been busily preparing for our sweet little one lately! :-) Everything from grocery shopping to washing laundry has been about the baby! :-) I'm working on getting the cupboards full of food for when the baby gets here, been making sure all our laundry is done, making sure the baby's laundry is done, getting the baby's little bed all ready for her, getting our bags packed, getting baby equipment set up... and so on and so forth!

I am really looking forward to kissing our sweet baby's face and head! I know after the baby gets here I might hear it more than I want, but I really can't wait to hear her cry! I can't wait to see what color her eyes are! Sweet one we are waiting for you! :-)

Just yesterday we got the car seat! We had been hoping that baby would wait till it got here! And now here it is! Baby you can come anytime now!! :-)

I feel so blessed with all that the Lord has provided for us for this sweet baby! :-) I feel completely ready! Just a few little things that need to get done! I am still working on the birth plan and other preparations!
Does anyone know any good food suggestions for when the baby gets here and I don't feel like cooking much? I am in need of a few good ideas!

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jenn said...

I put some on the homemaking pen friends blog for you ;-)