Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Remembering 4 years ago~

Four years ago was a very difficult time for our family. On May 16th 2007, just before my sister, Majesta's 21st birthday, Majesta crashed on her bike while riding down a hill. These last four years have been ones filled with hope, many prayers, and tears. We all are still hoping that the Lord will heal Majesta completely! Prayers for her are still muchly appreciated! This time of year it seams like so many memories go through my mind. I think about that horrible experience at the hospital four years ago. I always remember the pain of feeling like she was going to die. The doctors came in at one point and told my parents to come and say goodbye because she was in cardiac arrest. I still remember the look on my dad's face when they came back in. It was a look of almost relief yet complete sadness. I knew at that moment when I seen my dad's face that she was okay for the moment. The time in the hospital four years ago seamed like it lasted an eternity. Doctors said things like 'she isn't going to make it' and 'she made it through the night'. My sister is still with us! And even tho she doesn't respond in any way, we know that the Lord has a plan for her. He knows her every need and He is faithful to continue His good work in her! I am very thankful that He is in control of her life!

My sister Trin wrote a blog post about her last year.

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