Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Birth Story!

It's hard to remember how things happened but I'll do my best! ;-)
On September 26th I woke up at about 9:00 am from what I thought was my water breaking... so I told Richard and we called our midwives, parents, and Doula (Amy). We had expected labor to start up at least within 24 hours. So we waited at home for a little over 24 hours and labor never started up. We tried to get it to kick in with several different things... I even took some Castor Oil. (Castor Oil had worked on my mom.) However nothing happened. The midwives were concerned about an infection so we then headed for the hospital. On the way I had an extremely bad tummy ache and I threw up all the Castor Oil. I was really nervous at this point. I didn't want to go to the hospital (partially because I didn't know what to expect when we got there and partially because I don't really like hospitals.) When we got there I got even more nervous and I asked Richard if we could wait to go in till someone we knew showed up. We sat outside the hospital and we prayed. Finally the midwife showed up and she took us in. We then met our nurse who took us to our room. When we got to our room, Amy was already there! My parents arrived shortly thereafter. The midwife then came in and started telling us we needed to get labor to start. Pitocin was the option. At the time Richard and I were pretty set on not wanting to use Pitocin. Finally we decided that was what we needed to do. That then made me even more nervous. Finally the nurse suggested that the Midwife check me and see if my waters had actually broken. And they hadn't. So we all went home... And at that time I was feeling pretty much embarrassed. Because of all the people who 'thought' my waters had broken and thought that the baby was on her way. However I am very thankful for that dry run! Because the second time around I wasn't nearly as nervous! :-)
Finally the next day (the due date) came and went with NO signs of labor. Then on September 29th at 4 in the morning I got up to go make my usually trip to the lou ;-)... and the moment I stood up there was no mistaking that my water had actually broken! :-) I then told Richard and he called into his work yet the second time and told them that my waters had broken again. ;-) When then called everyone and waited around a second time for 24 hours. This time tho we went to the midwives office to confirm that my waters had broken. Richard and I walk and walked and walked around the apartment complex... hoping and hoping that labor would start all on its own. This time however we decided not to take Castor Oil! ;-) (didn't like the results of that none whatsoever the first time!) Finally we headed off to the hospital for the second time after I had had breakfast.
On the way I was super excited! Much better then the first trip to the hospital! ;-) When we got there I wasn't at all as nervous either! I felt better and was sure that this was the real thing! We started talking to the midwife again and it was the same thing. Pitocin. By this time Richard and I both had kind of warmed up to the idea of using Pitocin... even tho we had planned for a all natural drug free birth sometimes plans don't go the way we hope they will.
They then started the Pitocin IV and I had some second breakfast while I waited for contractions. Shortly there after contractions started up slowly... I got a bit nervous at this time and I cried while I held Richard's hand and he reassured me that probably all the hormones going through me was making me nervous and emotional. I realized he was right and I calmed down a bit. My parents, and Amy then went and had some lunch. Richard ordered lunch and ate while I watched. When my parents and Amy got back labor was just starting to come in full force. It was still pretty light and I mostly just moved around in lots of different positions holding Richard's hand and trying to relax and get comfortable between contractions. I remember Amy, Richard, and I then went for a walk. Which I didn't like at all because it caused contractions to come in stronger (tho that might have been a good thing). When we got back I changed positions some more. Then I remember I got up and stood supporting myself with the wall while I held Richard's hand and while Amy massaged my back. I then started crying again... then is when it started getting hard. I remember I went into a sort of dazed state. I would say things like 'I'm so tired' and 'My back hurts'. I remember Richard would continuously tell me to relax and he kept telling me I was doing great and kept encouraging me! He was amazing! At one point I remember people talking about whether she would be a September baby or a October baby. When they were talking of that I felt a bit exhausted and tried not to think about whether she would come in September or October! I'm really thankful she was a September baby! ;-) It just made me to tired to think that it could last longer than 12 hours. So I kept my mind off of when she would come.
I got into the jacuzzi tub at one point... I remember that it was great when I wasn't having contractions but it didn't really feel so good when I was. I got out shortly. When I first got the urge to push I didn't think I was ready so I didn't push. Finally I couldn't hold back the push. And at that exact moment the midwife walked in and asked the nurse how I was. I let out a different pushing noise and I heard the nurse tell the midwife 'that's the first time I've heard that'. At this point I was sitting on the toilet. I remember I sat there for a little bit and pushed here and there. Then the midwife asked me 'Your going to let me know if you feel the baby coming out right?' I remember thinking to myself 'if this is the position that I'm in and she's coming I'm just so tired I'm going to go for it.' Amy then suggested that we move to the hands and knees position on the bed because I had liked that pretty well when I was having contractions. So we made our way there... when we got there it was only 4o min. of pushing and she came out! She came out with her hand above her head. When she came out the midwife told me to reach down and pick up my baby! It was so wonderful! I looked at Richard and seen him crying, which made me all emotional too! I then got to lay down in the bed! Right when I got laid down I started having another contraction... which at this point really annoyed me. I was so tired I just wanted it to be over so I could hold my baby! I think I might have even asked if they could just pull the placenta out. Ha ha! But soon enough I got the urge to push it out all on my own.
I remember at one point when the contractions were really strong I thought 'this is the only time this is happening' But then shortly after I thought that I realized that I would forget all the pain once I held the baby that I knew that there would be many more babies to come if the Lord so allows!
Overall I would describe my birth experience as amazing and beautiful! The whole time I felt at peace! The Lord was in that room that day! Even one of the nurses said that it was the best birth she had attended. I am also very thankful that we had a dry run only a few days before the actual thing! And also thankful that the dry run was SO close to the actual thing! I praise the Lord for a beautiful, healthy, smiley baby girl! The very next day she smiled at us! What a blessing! Overall I labored for 7 1/2 hours!

Susannah Jane Skelton! Born September 30th at 7:23 pm. She was 18 inches long and 8 lbs 2 3/4 oz! She is already such a joy and a wonderful blessing from the Lord!
Our little sweetie!
Being held by daddy!
Being held by mommy!
At home after a bath!


Johanna C. said...

Wow! 7.5 hours for your first labor isn't too bad...sounds like it was intense, though! :-/ The hand by her head, too, must have made it pretty painful!
Good job! :-) There's something pretty satisfying about knowing that you *can* do it! :-)
She's so beautiful...you're so blessed! :-) Congratulations!

Elisabeth said...

Yay! Your labor sounds similar to mine. I remember that "I'm so tired!" phase well! (But not well enough to keep me from wanting another baby right away.)

You were blessed to have such a short labor though! I had to do it for 15 hours!

Mandy Sanchez said...

She is so beautiful Sarah! I loved reading your birthing story, God is good!!