Friday, July 9, 2010

Canning Jam!

Today I made some yummy, fresh strawberry jam! :-) It was the first time I have ever canned anything so it was quite a joy to hear the cans sealing! :-)

My lovely strawberries! :-) I used a little less then half of these actually... I think I might need to get more jars. ;-)

This is the pectin I used... I wanted jam that didn't have sugar! So I used this! :-)
Instead of sugar you are suppose to use 100% apple juice! I was quite pleased with how it turned out! :-) I always get tickled when I learn how to make something healthy! However it didn't turn out quite as sweet as I was hoping to I put a little honey in it! Now it is simply delicious!
Here my sweet little pretty jars are taking a bath! Aren't they cute! They are each only 4oz! Perfect sized for Richard and I! :-)

The lids had to take a bath too! ;-)
Here the stawberries are getting all cleaned up and cut!
Now it's Jam time! Isn't it just lovely!? Mmmm I can't wait to try it on toast! :-)
My beautiful little jars all filled and sealed!!! :-) WOOHOO!!!! :-)


Debra Worth said...

I just recently canned for the first time. I hope to find some good bulk deals on produce and can some jam.

Brittany said...

Strawberry Jam is my favorite!!! :-) I've made Grape Jelly and Apple Jelly. I've helped mom with strawberry, peach, plum, and blackberry, but not made any of those myself. It's a sticky messy job, but lots of fun!!!! :-D ~Britt

Kittydid said...

Yummm!!! Looks so good Sarah!

Trin said...

My very darling sister, you are the cutest canner i know! I love you:) what a fun post! :)