Thursday, June 17, 2010

Random post~

Okay so today I'm just going to write a VERY random post...

I have been busy learning to crochet lately! :-) My sisters and I taught ourselves! Now I'm practicing my crocheting on a dishrag that is turning out quite funny, but I think it'll make a nice dishrag none the less! ;-)

I have also been getting grossly behind on cleaning... :P Though yesterday I cleaned our master bedroom and the day before I cleaned the bathrooms! I'll just take it a room at a time I guess. I think today I'll end up cleaning the kitchen! It is in dire need of a good cleaning... there are dishes hanging out on every counter possible, simply because I ran out of dishwasher soap and I haven't caught up on the dishes since. Oh dear!

Tomorrow (Friday the 18th), we have a midwife appointment! I am really looking forward to hearing the baby's heartbeat again! *Happy sigh* That never gets old! :-) I also have been feeling the baby kick a great deal! That makes me VERY happy! I like to know that she is safe and sound in there! Every time I feel her kick I find myself letting out a sigh of relief! Oh the joys of having your tummy kicked! ;-) Heh heh!

I'm hoping to be able to get the stuff to make a diaper bag here pretty soon! Oh I so do love to sew! Especially for our baby! I'm thinking of making it brown with a pink ribbon! Or maybe lavender with a pink ribbon! I also thought about red with a pink ribbon! ;-) Anyway I'm pretty sure about the pink ribbon part! ;-)

Anyway, I better go get the dishes done now! Nice chatting with you all! :-)

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Trinity_dawn88 said...

Sar' you're posts are are so darling! I love you!